I found the second part (eps 3-4) to be pretty bad. I don't know how anybody could think otherwise. Some really horrible dialogue, for instance, plus things that made no sense (they cremated the murdered girl without even doing their own autopsy?). I thought part 3 (eps 5-6) improved a lot. But it's all over the place… » 12/19/14 11:28am Friday 11:28am

I vaguely remember reading somewhere (maybe the novelization?) that the Nostromo's records were mostly lost. So the company, and Burke, really only had Ripley's word to go on. Burke was acting on his own. And contrary to what the article says, Burke _did_ know their life cycle because Ripley had told them (he is in… » 12/16/14 12:28pm Tuesday 12:28pm

There's a Colonial Marines Tech Manual. Yeah, not canon, but I think they had a pretty good explanation. First, it was supposed to have a second squad, they just weren't carried for that mission, for whatever reason (maybe they all had the flu). More to the point, in both Alien and Aliens it is implied that the living… » 12/15/14 2:48pm 12/15/14 2:48pm

Ron Moore gave an interview where he talked about the original and said that it had this great premise—fleeing from genocide—that was immediately undercut in the pilot. He said something like "Almost all of humanity has been wiped out and then they go to the gambling planet." The original really never played on that… » 12/12/14 8:56am 12/12/14 8:56am

There is some good scholarship on the megasubs. Contrary to what the article says, they were not originally designed to attack the Panama Canal. The original plan was to sail them to the Atlantic and launch an attack on New York City. That plan also required that Japan build a bunch of them, and they were so large and… » 12/11/14 10:17am 12/11/14 10:17am

Roddenberry claimed he had to get rid of either her or Spock, but I think others have disputed this claim. I agree that she would have been interesting. She was much more by-the-book. In fact, the entire environment was more military. The ship was gray, the colors were muted, and the captain gave a lot of orders. It… » 12/04/14 9:39am 12/04/14 9:39am

"When we first met him, he had never been outside of the Church save for him getting stuck on that big rock." No, he said he had cleaned out nearby houses and there was one place—the water-filled basement that had the zombies in it—that he could not get to. So he had been outside, just not much. » 12/01/14 9:36am 12/01/14 9:36am