The replicators were a poorly-used plot device. I always waited for a line of dialogue that said "replicators cannot make X because of Y," but never got it. And it is not like the replicators were used as a Deus ex Machina. It's not like the replicators HAD to be the magical solution to problems. They were just a… » 9/30/14 1:28pm Yesterday 1:28pm

I would advise using a strong caveat when quoting the Indian cost for the mission. There is good reason to believe that it is wrong. The Indians have not provided a good cost breakdown for the mission, and apparently major cost categories—like engineer's salaries—have been left out of that cost figure. So it's not… » 9/24/14 4:20am 9/24/14 4:20am

A friend of mine once served as her escort at an official function (not a convention) and apparently she made a comment about being somewhat of a swinger in the 1960s. She also—I think this is in David Gerrold's book—had topless publicity photos to be sent to soldiers in Vietnam. She wasn't a prude. » 9/16/14 4:55pm 9/16/14 4:55pm

I just saw that scene over the weekend, and at the risk of being _that guy_, I could figure out a way for this to happen: T-Rex gets loose, kills everybody on deck. Somebody comes up with the idea of luring it into the cargo hold as bait, and goes in there and gets eaten. T-Rex follows and wounded deckhand seals the… » 9/02/14 3:52pm 9/02/14 3:52pm